AAC August 19-20, 2017 Trial

A beautiful sun rising over BADogs 2 day summer trial
Day 1 of BADogs August trial starts off beautifully


Widgeon decides briefings are not brief enough. Credit:  Joan Morgan


The first walk through of the weekend. Credit: Joan Morgan
Lee is practicing direction cues for her runs 😀  Credit: Joan Morgan
Dona, Desiree and Blaze.  Credit:  Joan Morgan


Pat and Meadow
Contacts are over-rated!
Bob and Mitsu


Savannah and Kiwi
Kim and Vibe
Carol and Jett
Pat & Jovi
Bob and Mitsu show everyone how it’s really done!
Bev and Feist
Joyce and Mercedes
Congratulations Bev and Feist: Expert Standard Bronze, Bronze Award of Merit and Versatility Bronze. With Judge Rob
Congratulation Lynda & Raine: MADC!
Congratulations Wendy & Johnny: SADC
Congratulations Wendy & Brodi: SADC!


Just add dogs!
Another beautiful day on the field







Judge Rob selfie (reminder to never leave your phone lying around!)
Judges Laurie & Pierre (taken by Judge Rob – the phone thief!)







Tom, Deb and gang.
Isn’t this what it’s all about?