AAC June 24-25, 2017 Trial

Shawna & Keisha: Advanced Games Dog of Canada
Bev & Suri: Agility Dog of Canada
Joyce & Cassie: Starters Games Dog of Canada
Jennifer & Maxie: Agility Dog of Canada
Lisa & Sully: Masters Agility Dog of Canada
Arlie & Joey (with Judge Christine): Agility Dog of Canada
Lorraine & Poppy: Expert Gamblers Bronze


Dawn & Val: Expert Gamblers Bronze
Lynda & Fyre: Expert Gamblers Bronze
Glenn & Kate: Expert Gamblers Bronze
Marlene & Nash: Agility Title Champion of Canada (ATChC)
JoAnne & Token
Zippy having some frisbee fun!
Best seats in the house when you time or scribe
Rob shows the judge how it’s done.
Wendy & Johnny
Hanging out at Camp BADogs
Bobbie contemplating her next course
Ringside seats
Cassie making weave magic
Sheltie Power (Manitoba Chapter)
BADogs was so pleased to have Christine Mandy from Kingston, ON come judge our June 2 day trial! She was awesome!
Gem, Kate & Roxy: Triple Snooker Threat! Starters, Advanced & Masters Qs under 1 judge (Christine Mandy)
Best Team Relay: Maxie & Keisha!
Judges: Laurie, Christine & Pierre. Credit:  Joan Morgan
Shawna & Keisha. Credit: Joan Morgan
Hanging out on the sideslines. Credit: Joan Morgan
Penny gets cuddles from her friend Lisa. Credit: Joan Morgan
Reckless contemplates leaping over the contact (and does). Credit: Joan Morgan
Rogue explains to her Mom how poorly she’s running the course.