AAC Masters Mini Trial June 13/17

The briefing
Judge Pierre
Tanis & Glenda keep an eye on details (timers & scribes get the best seats)
Just so you know you’re at the right address!



Rob & Deuce confer on their run strategy 🙂
Michelle & JoAnne check out some of the handling moves in the ring.
Laurie & Reckless confer
Glenn, Michelle & Pierre set the course
the walk-through
That can’t be Judge Pierre eliminating someone!!
Pat & Jovi handling the course – with a little discussion
Vern and Ella making it look easy (and fast!)
Lynne & Roxy sharing a pre-run moment (and maybe a treat?)
Princess Perogy awaits her turn – in comfort & style!
Team Miller chillin’: Kate, Gem & Roxy (does it get any cuter?)
Every agility dog needs a comfortable seating plan
Michelle & Jester
Tanis and Anarchy
Walk through – or agility tai chi
Picturing the perfect run in your head during a walk through