MAL 2017

MAL #1  JUNE 18, 2017

Kristine & Stryker warm up before playin
There’s a joke here somewhere: how many ring crew does it take…?
Always important to stretch out before hitting the field
Sharing walk through strategies (and some sharp handling moves by Rob)
Pole Dancers, Stephanie & Janet say hi to their fans (it’s their team name!!!)
Wizzo & Poco standing guard til Mama comes back!                
Fred and Patricia show how it’s done.





The K-Town Paws bring some bling to MAL
Just hanging out in MAL-town.
Hey look Mom, we’re on camera. Credit: Joan Morgan
Sheltie Central? Credit: Joan Morgan
Puppy caught in a net! Credit: Joan Morgan
Judge Pierre is directed by his course builder. Credit: Joan Morgan
Widgeon measures up (figuratively!). Credit: Joan Morgan
All the new dogs (and handlers) learn about measuring. Credit: Joan Morgan






Jersey confers with fellow MAL participants. Credit: Joan Morgan
Brooke & Teddy get ready for some fun runs. Credit: Joan Morgan
Jo & Lisa share strategies for a fun run! Credit: Joan Morgan


MAL #2  JULY 16, 2017


Glenn and Gem getting ready to play
Flying Turtles: grounded??
Tails from the Barkside
Michelle and future MAL star, Penny!
Pole Dancers setting up camp (and getting ready to dance).
Pasquale posing for the pup-arazzi!
How can you resist? Qimmik knows how to work a crowd!
Katy & Lexy off to a good start!
Keeping Calm or Going Crazy? Only Rayven or Jersey know for sure! Credit: Joan Morgan
Shawna with future MAL star: Ryobi! Credit: Joan Morgan
Showing that little dogs measure up in agility! Credit: Joan Morgan
Pasquale: Hey Mom! We’re on camera! Credit: Joan Morgan
Jocelyn, Cassie and Mercedes enjoy a great MAL day! Credit: Joan Morgan



Once again, Pasquale poses for his fans. Credit: Joan Morgan

MAL #3  AUGUST 6, 2017


Jo and Token contemplate their course strategies. Credit: Joan Morgan
MAL #2 briefing (although not always brief when Laurie’s doing it). Credit: Joan Morgan
All teams work out their Snooker plans. Credit: Joan Morgan
Shawna & Ryobi are big fans of the Pole Dancers. Credit: Joan Morgan
MAL newbie Cruse hopes Deuce will share his agility knowledge. Credit: Joan Morgan
The field is set for our final MAL of ’17
Jersey and Shalyn bring it home!
Milly and Ally mutually focus on a good sit.
MAL tent alley
Home base for Paw Wars
Nanuck sends telepathic messages to Lee to give lots of cookies!
Ya gotta love me – Gem
Tia and Brenda tackle the tunnels full speed!
Lorraine and Lori relax on Vicki’s Memorial Bench.
Wow! Glenn gets the lead on Gem
Judge Brigitte is outstanding in her field!!!
Pole Dancers (see? they even brought their own practice pole!!)
Steph & Winnie
Fergie and Angela
Lee and Nanuck tearing up the field
Cassie is at the apex of agility!
Manitoba Agility League 2017 participants (2 & 4 legged)
MAL’s Got Talent: Premier Edition! 
Judges Glenda, Nicole and Bev look over their bribes – errrr – scores
Paw Wars adds some special “talent” to their performance.
Flying Turtles make tu-tu much of their talent!
Not sure who’s more entertained – the audience or the Pole Dancers
The Crate Escape dazzles with their bling!
K-Town Paws breaks loose with “Jailhouse Rock”
Nanuck & “the fuzz”
Isn’t Nanuck arresting in this pic?
Cassie & Mercedes won points with BADogs for their costumes!
First recipients of the (soon to be) coveted MAL’s Got Talent Trophy: K-Town Paws
1st Place MAL 2017: Tales from the Barkside
2nd Place MAL 2017: The Crate Escape
3rd Place MAL 2017: Paw Wars
Chef Pierre fires up the grill for the end-of-season PAW-ty
Mmmmmmm bbq!
Even the 2 legged participants of MAL get treats!
The final course at MAL 2017 (get it?!?!)