Backyard Agility Dogs -


Backyard Agility Dogs is thrilled to be hosting our 6th season of the Manitoba Agility League (MAL).  And we are especially excited this year, as we will be enjoying the entire season at our new agility ring in Petersfield, MB.

We are also pleased to announce that in addition to our regular MAL for Starters and Advanced dogs, The Manitoba Agility League will be expanding to offer a separate league and day for Masters agility dogs.  We’ve heard from past MAL participants that they were disappointed to no longer have a place to play and train in a trial-like atmosphere once they reached the Masters level (because we all know the learning doesn’t stop once we’re out of Advanced!).  Masters MAL will offer Masters Standard and Games, in addition to Challenge, Steeplechase and Team Relay!

Looking forward to seeing you & your dog this summer!